Our Services

A comprehensive range of services to meet the diverse needs of the maritime industry.


Being involved in all aspects of shipping, SSC is deeply engaged in vessel chartering for dry cargo. Our references include a wide variety of bulk-vessels from Handysize to Panamax. Our direct and close contact to ship owners around the world is essential in our pursuit to find the right vessel in the right place at a competitive price. SSC provides ship chartering services for both domestic and international vessels. Our team has extensive specialty knowledge and expertise in the movement of drybulk shipping cargoes including: aggregates, steel products, grain, cement and bulk minerals.

Our company is well known and respected in the shipping industry and has longstanding relationships with charterers and ship owners worldwide. We work diligently on behalf of our clients to canvass the marketplace to find the appropriate shipping vessel. SSC’s goal is to keep your dry bulk shipping transportation costs low and to ensure that there are no delays that could lead to extra charges.

Ship Management

We have a wide range of management solutions and services that we can offer you for all types of ships and departments, and our third-party management services include technical management, crew management, ship financial and accounting management, and collection services, we also provide expertise and assistance. Dry-docking and construction supervision. We at SSC have experience in ship management stemming from our long period of operation and management of Bulk carriers. We strive to develop our services professionally and with high quality in the maritime field all over the world.

Services provided by our company in ship management:

  • Supervising the ongoing maintenance work onboard the ship, such as maintenance of machinery and equipment, repair work, and checking the readiness of the ship.
  • Provide adequate crew to guard the ship.
  • Make the necessary arrangements for loading and unloading the goods.
  • Negotiate contracts for refueling and lubricants.
  • Manage expenses on behalf of the owner.
  • Make arrangements for ship entry into the best P&I clubs.
  • Make arrangements for insurance contracts related to the ship.
  • The company deals with various claims, such as insurance related, rescue operations, etc…
  • The ship management company’s services also include arranging for the provision of supplies to the ship’s crew.

Ship Repair

Marine Repair Services include Structural Repair, Welding, Pipe fitting, Ship fitting, Machining, Steel Plate and different surfaces treatment, Paint and Coatings, Pipe Repair, Electrical Services, Cable installation, IT equipment, Furnishing, furniture renovation and many others. We operate 24 hours, 7 days a week service for all our customers, prioritizing to their needs. We can provide our clients with offers based on top quality, best service and competitive prices.

Our company firmly believes in building long lasting partnerships based on our tailored services, professionalism, experiences and consistent performance to manage and maintain the quality of service we could offer our customers. Even if the ship is on the move, we can carry out any repairing and cleaning in appropriate way.

Port Agent

We offer a full port agency service in Lebanon, designed to ensure your ships enter and leave port as quickly and efficiently as possible without experiencing unnecessary delays and additional costs. We also built throughout the years strong partnerships with selective agents around the world that share our vision, goals and objectives to serve our customers. As a specialist port agency company, we understand the importance of efficiency, and with teams on the ground 24/7, everything we do is geared towards keeping our customers’ vessels, cargoes and crew on the move.

We provide a complete service including:

  • Completion of all relevant vessel clearance documentation
  • Supervision of loading and discharging of cargo
  • Cargo customs clearance
  • Ship’s husbandry
  • Crew changes and repatriation
  • Sourcing of supplies and spare parts
  • Handling ship services including repairs and maintenance


Loading, unloading and securing cargo.

Our stevedore foremen, many of whom are experienced former chief officers and captains, arrange loading, stowage, lashing & securing of cargo on board the vessels as well as supervising discharge operations in Lebanon.
The stevedore services provided by SSC’s professional teams include conventional loading, grab discharge and handling of bulk vessels by stationary and mobile harbour cranes.

Other related services comprise cargo planning, cargo control, project estimates, supercargo assistance, lashing, securing and warehousing.

We have the most modern processing equipment available to ensure a precise, efficient and smooth cargo handling. We never compromise on safety and quality – your cargo will always be in safe hands with us.

Our aim is to ensure that the cargo is lifted, lashed, welded and secured properly and that everyone on site are safe before, during and after an operation.

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